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Follow On LinkedIn - Ninja Tip of the Week

Good Morning Digiteers!

This morning, I wanted to share with you a cool little feature on LinkedIn that gets very little coverage, and I'm yet to meet 1 person that has seen this.

It's called "FOLLOW ON LINKEDIN" and it can be found in your creator mode menu. It gives you the ability to grow your followers using a simple link to share with your contacts, or implement a button on to your website using a simple piece of HTML code.

So, when you click on this, you'll be given 2 options that you can use.

You can either copy a link, or copy code.

Give it a try, and copy the code, and implement this as a HTML widget on to your website. If you get stuck, feel free to let me know, and I'm happy to help if I can! But once you do this, you should see a cool little button like this appear on your website.


A huge thank you to everyone that attended my live event earlier this week. It was a huge success and the reviews were great. Thank you so much!

Please do tell your friends and clients about my next event that is now scheduled for November 9th at 10am. I rely on word of mouth to promote these livestreams, so it really is appreciated.




Folks, can I ask you to please show some support for Debbie Stott? Debbie is in the process of creating an online game that is for parents and young children, and has been designed to help with anxiety in children and so much more. If you could click on the image below to show your support, that would be awesome! Each week, I'm going to do a shout out for someone in my network, as right now, supporting each other is critical!

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