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Hashtags! The Ninja Tip of the Week

This week, I want to ask you what your thoughts are on using hashtags inside your posts. Do you incorporate them in to your sentences, or do you add them as a group at the bottom of your post?

I used to advise my clients to incorporate them in to their text, but I have to admit, I have now changed my opinion on this. After questioning hundreds of people over the year, the consensus seems to be that clean looking posts win every time, and it looks much more cleaner grouping your hashtags at the end of your posts. So this is what I am going to advise moving forwards.

Still, it really is your preference. There's no right or wrong way, but for me, I do prefer the look of the above. What do you think?


OK, so this is where things get interesting. LinkedIn have now started showing your hashtags that you've used inside the URL of your LinkedIn post. It does depend on your browser at times, but generally, 3 hashtags are seen inside your URL.

After some intensive research, it seems that these 3 hashtags are the ones that LinkedIn are using to deliver your content to the right audience. So, to put it simply, 3 seems to be the magic number now. I'll still continue to use 4 or 5 as I have always done, but I would say focus on your first 3 as your main ones.


Remember to be creative, don't get too caught up in which one's to include in your posts, and if you need some help with which one's are most followed on LinkedIn, just use my handy link below to see the latest top 100 LinkedIn hashtags!

OK folks, that's it for this weeks ninja tip, but you'll find more tips on LinkedIn hashtags in my free download HERE, and I'll see you all next week....

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