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LinkedIn PRODUCTS - Ninja Tip of the Week #1

I was thinking this week about how I can help my community and I thought that a NINJA TIP OF THE WEEK sounded like a great idea!

There are new features coming up all the time with LinkedIn, and I am continually formulating new ideas and strategies to help people win more business, and generate better leads through digital.

So why not drop a handy tip to my loyal followers each week!

This week, I wanted to talk about...


The products section of LinkedIn is a feature that very few people use.

This is where you can add products (or services) that you sell to your business page (they even show up in your feature pages too!).

As you can see from the image below, you can also add media, an image / logo, and a call to action of your choice to get those leads pouring in.

My favourite part about all of this however, is the ability to instantly add the companies that have already purchased your product or service! A simple search and add is all it takes to give that social proof that your product is already recognised by other fantastic businesses!

I can go on for hours about the amazing power of products, but chances are you are wanting to get straight back to your profile and start adding this right away to your profile!

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