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Introducing The
Making Digital Real with Linkedin
100 PAGE

Everything you need to know about how to succeed with LinkedIn in an easy to follow, jam packed 100 page bumper packed, step by step e-book!

We look at the psychology of your audience when it comes to your profile page, the 7 second rule, your headline, images, banner, about section, testimonials, content, messaging, sharing, algorithms, video messaging, unique text styles, PDF carousel posts, hashtags, newsletters, all the way through to secret tips and tricks that only the top 5% of LinkedIn professionals know about!

An easy to follow, step by step guide accompaniment to my Making Digital Real LIVE events, all for under £40!

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Please note, I am not affiliated with LinkedIn and purely provide assistance to business owners and professionals on how to use this fantastic platform.

Mike Roberts Linkedin Training in Harrogate and Leeds

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