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Rehumanise Your Business With Linkedin

Don't worry, I'm NOT offering any 5 day LinkedIn challenges, soul destroying powerpoint presentations, or a £3,000 bank breaking course on why you should be on LinkedIn.

But if you give me 90 minutes, I will show you over the over 100 hidden secrets, strategies, tricks and methods that LinkedIn offers, and why LinkedIn can be your perfect personal branding engine, business lead generation platform.

My sessions will help you unlock the secrets to a perfect LinkedIn profile, the 7 second rule, SEO tips across your page, the 17 magic ingredients to a winning post, breaking through the algorithm and reaching thousands of views.


I'll show you how to master LinkedIn groups, conducting boolean searches, winning formula's for nurturing relationships and cutting through the digital pollution and noise with video messaging and methods that the top 5% of LinkedIn users do!

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Mike Roberts - Linkedin Training in London, Harrogate, Leeds and York